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Technology for a Better Work-Life Balance 

Simplifying your work--that’s our passion. We’re laser-focused on helping streamline and optimize your operations to save you time, improve your results, and help everyone recapture their work-life balance.   We believe in what we do. You can, too.


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Scheduling made perfectly simple. Artificial intelligence powers your staffing by creating, distributing, and managing appealing and effective schedules in just minutes for the most complex and nuanced environments, from healthcare to defense. Balance Scheduler addresses burnout and turnover by giving your team time back and tailoring each schedule to each employee for a better work-life balance.

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HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Built With You in Mind

Balance Scheduler was designed from the ground up with with a user-first mentality, built to be easy to deploy and simple to use.

Quick setup

Fully cloud, web, Android, and iOS native. Deploy and use within 24 hours, no additional infrastructure required. 

Easy to use

Access and manage your schedules and staff from every device - on the web, phone, or tablet. Use our guided tour to set up your user profile to get the best results to sustain your work-life balance.


Fully customizable: scheduling details, user permissions and experience, external integrations, and branding to match your organization. Balance Scheduler is designed to work for YOU.

“As a nurse for over 20 years, I've personally experienced the non-stop frustration and time wasted on scheduling. I saw how much it affected turnover--and that’s what inspired Balance Scheduler. It eliminates this frustration and helps reduce nurse burnout by automatically creating better schedules using artificial intelligence.
Nurses need this!”
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Laurel Chiaramonte, Co-founder and Owner, Duality Systems