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"Let machines do what they do best so that humans can do what they do best"

Imagine having a work schedule that brings balance to your life and going about your work day focusing your time and energy on the things that truly matter. We can make that happen!

Duality Systems was founded with the ideal of using the latest automation and artificial intelligence tools to improve work-life balance and allow businesses and their employees to work smarter, not harder.

We're an energetic team of healthcare professionals, data scientists, and technologists who recognize an acute need to revolutionize scheduling and business processes to reduce employee burnout and turnover by improving everyone's work-life.

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Our Mission

Empower our customers with technology that helps them recapture their work-life balance.

Our Values

INNOVATION  It is the cornerstone of all we do.

TRUST  We will always be truthful, open and completely transparent. 

COLLABORATION  We value teamwork and using our collective skills to help others be and do better.

EMPOWERMENT  We believe in reaching ahead to what’s possible.

FREEDOM  We value the freedom that work-life balance affords. Let machines do what machines do best so we have the freedom to focus on things that make all our lives better.


Our History

Founded in 2020 by healthcare professionals and technologists, Duality Systems was created to solve complex staffing and workload strains initially in the healthcare space. Having received funding in 2020, we've built out an advanced, highly secure SaaS solution that marries multiple artificial intelligence techniques, analytics, and an intuitive user experience to make solutions to the hardest manpower scheduling and planning problems perfectly simple. 

Our Team

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Laurel Chiaramonte

Founder / Owner

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Michael Chiaramonte

Founder / CTO

Cathleen Caswell

Founder / CFO

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Cindi Brothers

Founder / CBO

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Bhavana Adarsha

Senior Engineer