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RFP Information

Balance Scheduler information supporting Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for a nurse scheduling, staff scheduling, hospital scheduling, or military scheduling system

  • General Information

    Balance Scheduler is an automatic schedule building application for complex and constrained industries and organizations. It was first designed to support staff scheduling in hospitals and other healthcare organizations. It is not explicitly a "self-scheduling" solution; rather, it takes individual schedule preferences (in terms of characteristics) into account as it uses AI to automatically build schedules tailored to organizational requirements, optimized for each individual. It reduces the time spent building and managing schedules in a "self-scheduling" organization and by approximately 95%. Our AI automatically calculates for any schedule disruption and provides best fit alternatives to minimize disruption to your organization and employees.

  • Implementation

    Duality Systems provides hands-on installation and integration support for each organization. Balance Scheduler is a cloud-based SaaS solution, hosted in AWS that can be accessed via computer and/or mobile device (iOS and Android native applications). For the interest of government organizations and to attain the highest levels of security, we are hosted in AWS GovCloud (DISA IL5). We follow AWS' SLA for systemwide support. We can offer on-premises installation if your organization requires it. We support Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML and AWS as well as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Our system is upgraded continuously and we can provide artifacts to support specific organizational security assessments. Typical pricing is calculated at per-user per-month; however, we offer enterprise pricing for custom development, integration, and support. On-premises installations would require perpetual user licensing with an annual maintenance fee. We can support user groups as small as 10 to well over 1,000. We are a member of several healthcare and general GPOs.

  • Integrations and Customization

    Our integrations and customization are created based on the needs and workflow desires of each customer. Our application can be 'skinned' to meet brand requirements. We can push and pull data from various sources at any given rate. Any integration requires the application to have an API and the customer to authorize access. An example of supported integrations are time and attendance systems, patient acuity/census data, and payroll. Displays can be customized for each organization, to include: work week start/end, day/week/month view, dashboard for schedule quality, upcoming schedules, acuity/census, and over- or under-scheduled shifts. We support employee shift scheduling as well as mission or operational scheduling that requires diverse skillsets over a certain period of time. Contact us for more information on these capabilities.

  • Unique Features

    We fully automate schedule creation based on employee preferences (similar to Stitch Fix, Bright Cellars, or Spotify). This allows us to customize schedules to better balance work life than other strategies like self-scheduling. We can schedule a complex unit with a variety of required skillsets and certifications, such as an entire ER, in less than two minutes, to include presenting best-fit alternatives should your schedule be disrupted by sickness, changing patient census, or other factors. Unlike most solutions, we automate the scheduling and inclusion of flex/float/travel staff and support geographically dispersed offices and locations.  Furthermore, we provide transparency into the quality of the schedules to alleviate perceptions of unfairness and to help optimize workforce skill sets. Our system provides analytics to assist administrators in strategically optimizing their workforce. We currently provide analytics from scheduling to include skillset gaps, utilization rates, time categories, schedule quality reports, and more.

Contact Us

For further details related to product features, security, integrations, and pricing, please provide the following contact information and we'll get back to you within one business day. Alternately, please send your RFP and we'll provide a full response. Thank you!